Investments Screened For Catholic Values
Built Upon Modern Portfolio Theory
Risk-Based Model Portfolios
Investments Based on Financial Science
Investments That Meet Your Needs
Diversified Portfolios Built By Catholic Advisers
Pro-Life and Pro-Family Investments
No Required Minimum Investment
Our Fees Are Affordable
Easy Online Account Setup And Anytime Access 24/7
Portfolios Built From Quality Mutual Funds
Ave Maria Mutual Fund Series
Screened For Catholic Values
Portfolios Built From Quality Indexed ETF's
And Other Leading Funds
Catholic Values Indexed ETF Retirement Series
Catholic Values Indexed ETF Series
Our Portfolios

Why Us?

InvestingCatholic offers our clients a feature-rich investing experience, at low cost!

Catholic Values Investments
Investments meet USCCB Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines

No Trading Fees
Commission free window trades
Goals-Based Investing
Setup custom investment goals, each in it’s own account
Account Protection
Investments Insured by SIPC
Automatic Investments
Setup scheduled deposits, the way that works for you!
No Investment Minimums
Start your investment with any amount, no minimums at all

Affordable Management Fees
We keep our fees affordable, for all clients
Globally Diversified Portfolios
Carefully constructed models built by Catholic Advisers
Catholic Values ETF Models
Low Cost Indexed ETFs screened for Catholic Values
Automatic Quarterly Rebalancing
We rebalance our models each Quarter back to their intended targets

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