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Catholic Values Indexed ETF Series
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An SEC Registered Investment Advisor with a focus on investments screened for Catholic values.

Investment Strategies

We provide our clients with several options for investing in their Catholic values…

Catholic Values Indexed ETF Series

Investment models built using Indexed Exchange Traded Funds “ETF’s”. Each Portfolio “Folio” represents a global mix of stocks, U.S. treasuries and may also include municipal bonds. All Funds are screened carefully by our advisors to filter out investments inconsistent with the U.S. Bishops Investment Guidelines.

Knights of Columbus Funds Series

Investment models built using the Knights of Columbus institutional class mutual funds. Each Portfolio “Folio” represents a global mix of stocks, U.S. treasuries and corporate bonds. Funds are screened to filter out investments inconsistent with the U.S. Bishops Investment Guidelines.

Ave Maria Funds Series

Investment models built using the Ave Maria mutual funds. Each Portfolio “Folio” represents a global mix of stocks, U.S. treasuries and corporate bonds. Funds are screened according to Ave Maria’s Moral Screening process: Abortion, Embryonic stem cell research, corporate donations to Planned Parenthood, pornography.

We recommend a suitable investment portfolio to our clients based upon their risk profile and time horizon.

All Investments Screened For Catholic Values


The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Guidelines calls for screening investments to exclude investing in companies that derive revenue from: Abortion, Contraception, Embryonic Stem Cell Research.

Dignity of the Human Person

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Guidelines calls for screening excludes investing in companies that derive revenue from: Pornography, Arms Production (Anti-personnel landmines, chemical and biological weapons), Racial and gender discrimination, or who engage in morally wrong business activities (predatory lending, etc…)

Ave Maria Funds Series

Ave Maria uses their proprietary moral screening process for screening investments according to Catholic Values. They carefully screen out the following: Abortion, Embryonic stem cell research, Corporate donations to Planned Parenthood, Pornography.


A Digital Advisor With a Catholic Perspective

Smart Investing For Catholics.

Affordable Online Investing Without Compromising Your Values.


All investments held with our known and trusted custodian, Folio Institutional.

Account Features

Catholic Values

Our advisors ensure that all investment strategies are screened according to Catholic values

No Minimums

We value all our clients regardless of amount they have to invest, we do not require a minimum amount to open an account

Affordable Advice

Our Investment Management fees are just 0.35% annually, among the lowest in the industry

Tax Loss Harvesting

We automatically harvest tax losses first. Clients may also choose targeted strategies, we help you using Folio’s patented Tax Football™. Harvest tax losses or tax gains to offset losses, or raise cash with no taxes

Safe & Secure

Our custodian believes in the security of our clients. Investments insured by SIPC, and cash deposits are insured by FDIC. Secure online account access with website SSL encryption, our custodian has you covered

Account Rebalancing

We rebalance all portfolios each quarter back to their original asset allocation. Over time the value of securities can vary, rebalancing your portfolio on a regular basis has been shown to improve returns over time

Automated Investing

You can set up scheduled monthly investments, this helps to ensure you are investing regularly

Performance Reporting

You can track your investment performance against a variety of market benchmarks and indexes

Online Transfers

You can request the transfer of most investments held at another custodian online in just minutes

We provide a feature-rich investing experience to our clients, at low cost!


Individual Accounts
Joint Accounts
Revocable Trust Accounts


Traditional IRA’s,
Roth IRA’s
401(k) & IRA Rollovers


Custodial Accounts
For Children


Business Accounts, Business Trust Accounts, Religious and Charitable Organizations

Investments Screened For Catholic Values

Smart Investing For Catholics.

Online, Anytime Access.

Getting Started Is Easy!

Setup Your Account Profile

Choose your account type, and fill out the easy account application

Investments and Risk Profile

Choose your investment strategy and complete the investor risk profile and we recommend a suitable portfolio based upon the results

Fund Your Account

Fund your account by linking a bank account, send a wire or check, or request an asset transfer from another custodian

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