Welcome to InvestingCatholic!

InvestingCatholic is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser.  We are a fee-only fiduciary adviser with a focus on providing our clients with globally diversified, investment model portfolios screened for Catholic values. Our firm is run by Catholic financial advisers who are dedicated to their faith and are here to serve Catholics and anyone else who shares our moral beliefs, especially the belief in the protection of life from conception until natural death. We believe in the importance of socially responsible investing, especially when it comes for standing for the values that we believe in as Catholics. It is our hope that many Catholics and committed Christians will continue to take to the challenge to invest in ways that support their ethics and moral beliefs. We seek to promote Catholic Socially Responsible Investing, especially as defined by the USCCB Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines in our writings through blogs, articles and social media.

We provide discretionary investment advice to our clients through risk-based model portfolio “Folio” allocations which we provide through our custodian.  Our focus is to serve anyone who wishes to invest in Catholic values investments, without minimum investment amount requirements.

InvestingCatholic has built a suite of risk-based,  low-cost Catholic Values ETF “Folio’s”. We also feature our Ave Maria mutual fund Series of model portfolios constructed using Ave Maria mutual funds.

InvestingCatholic serves a variety of account types, catering to the needs of individuals, families, religious organizations and small businesses.

Please visit us at www.investingcatholic.com and learn more about InvestingCatholic and how we can serve your investment needs!