Globally Diversified Catholic Values Portfolios “Folios”

Our advisers at InvestingCatholic have designed globally diversified, risk-based model portfolios that are built upon Modern Portfolio Theory. All of our model portfolios are built with investments screened for Catholic values using asset allocation and fundamental analysis. Our globally diversified model portfolios screened for Catholic values. Our Indexed ETF portfolios are built according to the USCCB Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines.

We believe that diversified portfolios can minimize investment risk and have the potential to produce a higher degree of expected return for each level of risk. We recommend a suitable investment model for our clients based upon a short risk tolerance survey that the client will complete when setting up each new account. The survey evaluates our client’s ability to bear risk and their investment time horizon.

Asset allocation is an important part of constructing diversified portfolios. It is an investment strategy that aims to balance risk and reward by apportioning a portfolio’s assets according to an individual’s goals, risk tolerance and investment horizon among various asset classes. The asset classes may include equities, fixed-income, real estate, and cash and equivalents. Each class has different levels of risk and return, so each will behave differently over time. Our model portfolios are constructed to maximize expected return while reducing potential risk according to Modern Portfolio Theory. This theory states that risk must be considered as well as return when investing and that diversification can help to reduce risk within a portfolio. We build investment models by selecting a variety of investments to achieve diversification of asset classes in order to attempt to maximize the portfolio’s expected return for a given amount of portfolio risk.

Automatic Quarterly Folio Rebalancing

At InvestingCatholic, we manage our model portfolios passively and rebalance them every quarter.  Rebalancing on a regular basis is an important aspect to maintain the optimal asset allocation within the model portfolios.  Over time, the weighting of the assets within a model portfolio tend to drift away from the intended targets due to the normal fluctuation in asset prices and dividends and other gains that accrue within the portfolio. Left alone without rebalancing, models can shift too far away from their intended targets and no longer reflect the intended risk and reward characteristics of the investment. Portfolio rebalancing is the process of realigning the investments within the portfolio back to their original target allocations. It is done through a process of selling overweight positions and buying positions that have become underweight. Just as it is important to tune up your car on regular intervals to keep your engine running smoothly, the same is true for your investments.

Tax Management Tools

Advanced Tax Gain/Loss Harvesting and Automatic Tax Lot Management

Our clients have the availability to control realized gains and losses through Folio’s advanced tax lot management features. There are ten different tax management strategies available for clients to choose from to help them manage the tax lots when requesting distributions within taxable accounts. Clients accounts are automatically configured to Maximize Losses and Minimize Gains. Our clients enjoy optimized Tax Gain/Loss Harvesting which can be configured by our advisors according to any of the ten tax lot methods.

For more information about Folio’s advanced tax management features, please visit their Help Center

Goals Based Investing: Invest toward your goals with InvestingCatholic

Investing is an increasingly important aspect of life; our retirement plans, the education of our children, saving to buy a new home, and building wealth are some of reasons why people choose to invest their hard earned money. Our goals-based investing approach makes it easy for you to invest toward any of your needs, whether they are short or long term. We provide a variety of account types for investing toward your goals including retirement, college savings, and a variety of general investment accounts.

Each one of your goals can be setup within its own investment account and we help you toward reaching your goals by matching them to an appropriate investment. When setting up a new online account through our custodian, FolioFN, you will be asked a set of questions to define your risk tolerance and time horizon. Based upon this information, we recommend the appropriate model ”Folio” that is best suited for your goal. Our advisors have carefully designed globally diversified risk-based model portfolios of funds using asset allocation based on modern portfolio theory.

Setting up multiple goals will enable you to save and invest for each one of your needs at the same time while investing appropriately for each one of them. However, just choosing a goal to save for is often simply not enough to help you reach it. Saving and investing money on a regular basis toward a specific purpose that is clearly defined makes your goals real, and easier to reach. You can setup scheduled automatic investments to make reaching your goals even easier. We will help you keep your goals on track as your investments will automatically rebalance each quarter to realign them back to their intended targets. Please note that some types of goals are best suited to certain account types.

Setup Any Number of Goals
Manage Each Goal In Its Own Account
Automatic Quarterly Rebalancing, Keeps Your Goals On Target
Invest Into Your Goals Automatically With Scheduled Investments

Reporting: Information at your Fingertips

Folio provides our clients with online reporting tools, electronic statements, tax documents, and more so you can review important information about their accounts and Folios.

Account Performance Reporting

Folio provides our clients with performance reporting so they can review how your investments are performing with their easy-to-use charting tools. Clients can see the performance of their accounts or Folios against various indices like the S&P 500, or even against an individual security or mutual fund.

Morningstar Portfolio Reports

InvestingCatholic provides our clients with Model Portfolio reports from Morningstar on a quarterly basis. These reports provide our clients with detailed portfolio statistics that they may find useful.

Statements, Confirms, Billing Notices, and Transaction History

Folio provides our clients with online account statements, trade confirmations, and billing notices. Folio delivers these to our clients via an online “Statements & Tax Records” accessed securely through their dedicated advised client website at www.folioclient.com. Plus, Folio provides an easy-to-use transaction history viewer that lets our clients view up-to-date information on trading activity in their accounts.

Monthly Statements

Folio provides our clients with monthly account statements showing the month end balances of their accounts and Folios. It also provides a summary of activity, interest and dividends paid, cash balances deposited with each of their FDIC Insured partner banks, and other important information.

Tax Reporting Tools

Tax Downloads

Folio makes tax time easier by providing tax information downloads for your clients using the standard “.txf” tax exchange format. Our clients, or their tax preparer, should be able to import the downloaded investment data into one of the many tax preparation products available in retail stores that support .txf files, for example H&R Block’s TaxCut or Intuit’s TurboTax.

Electronic Tax Documents

All tax documents are loaded into our clients’ secure online Statements & Tax Records. Our clients’ can easily view, download, and print tax documents at any time.

Automatically Prepared Form 8949 for Schedule D

For clients with taxable accounts, tax time can be frustrating. Clients who have sold securities during the year must report each reportable sale to the IRS. The good news is that Folio does the work for you. Most brokers simply provide you with a 1099-B and let you figure it out yourself, Folio takes it a step further to make filing your taxes a breeze by creating Form 8949 for you.

FOLIOVote: Online Proxy Voting Made Easy

FOLIOVote is a unique online service that offers our clients the information needed to make informed decisions about how best to vote proxies and to handle certain other corporate actions, as well as an integrated method to cast votes.

The FOLIOVote feature provides automatic email notifications regarding upcoming corporate actions and votes relating to securities held in our clients’ accounts.

With FOLIOVote, our clients, or any designee they choose will receive email notifications whenever corporate actions affecting securities in their accounts are announced. Notifications will instruct the recipient on how to learn more about the issue presented and how to cast votes online when called for. It’s simple, quick, and allows direct participation in corporate governance matters.

Privacy and Security: Keeping Your Account Safe

Account Protection and Security

Folio protects our information and our clients’ assets with proven technology, processes, and insurance. They believe in the importance of keeping our clients data secure. In addition to SSL encryption, Folio has additional security protocols in place, including second factor authentication to prevent unauthorized account access as additional security layers to keep your account secure.

FDIC Insurance

Cash deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

SIPC and Supplemental Insurance

Folio Investments, Inc. is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). A brochure explaining the coverage provided by SIPC is available on SIPC’s website at www.sipc.org. In addition to SIPC coverage, Folio has purchased from underwriters at Lloyds of London supplemental customer securities insurance. Together those coverages provide a total aggregate limit of $50 million limited to a combined return of $10 million to any single customer. Neither SIPC nor the supplemental insurance coverage protect against losses resulting from a decline in the market value of securities


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